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It's All In a Name

By Shari Faden Donahue

So you’ve decided to self-publish your book! It is essential that you create a name for your publishing company that is powerful and professional.

There’s no need to advertise the fact that you are a self-publisher. I don’t recommend using your own name, for example, such as Thomas William Donahue Publishing, Inc. Utilize a publishing name that sounds more credible, such as DWT Books, Inc. (DWT is TWD, first initials for Thomas William Donahue, backward.)

Just how do you refer to yourself when dealing with wholesalers, distributors, niche markets, national chains, independent bookstores ... and the like? Though it’s true that you are a self-publisher, you are also considered a small publisher ... even better yet—an independent press.

When interfacing with book buyers, librarians, reviewers, etc., always refer to your self-publishing company as an independent press. Avoid any possible self-publishing stigma ... and place yourself in the best possible light! Though purely a game of semantics, image is paramount in the publishing field.

Once you have established your publishing company, realize that you are the president of your own publishing concern. In essence, you are the leader of your own publishing company. No one needs to know that you are the self-publisher of your own title.