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Compiling Your Sample Media Questions

By Shari Faden Donahue

Hectic editors and radio/TV hosts respond favorably to intriguing capsules of news—conveyed in a concise question/answer format. Prepare a list of 6–12 author interview questions with brief, corresponding answers for use by the media. Your objective is to simplify the job of the media by providing a relevant framework for an engaging interview forum. Utilize your press release, testimonial sheet, and author bio content to customize interview questions that are unique to you.

Sample Media Interview Questions:

What inspired you to become a children’s picture book author?
How did the idea for your children’s picture book emerge?
What message does your children’s picture book convey?
How did you create the concept for the main character?
Who illustrated your children’s picture book?
How did you select the organization that benefits from title proceeds?
Have you always had an interest in writing for young children?
Do your future plans include writing more children’s picture books?

The header, Sample Media Interview Questions, should boldly flank the top of your sheet. Place your contact information in the footer located at the page bottom. Hire a graphic designer to assist with page layout, if necessary.