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Creating Your Testimonial Sheet

By Shari Faden Donahue

Testimonials and endorsements stimulate interest in your title as a result of the credibility factor. The header, Testimonials, should boldly flank the top of your testimonial sheet—just above the title of your children’s picture book. Place your contact information in the footer located at the bottom of your page. Compile an easy-to-read testimonial sheet on behalf of your children’s picture book. Hire a graphic designer to assist you with page design, if necessary.

Politely request a 1–2 sentence endorsement from at least six peer contacts—colleagues, relatives, friends, and even friends of friends—with professions such as:

Elementary school teacher
Book store owner/manager
Social worker
Organization head

Don’t be shy. Your testimonial providers are likely to feel flattered! As a gesture of appreciation, present your avid supporters with a signed copy of your title for their enjoyment. Invite each of your testimonial providers to sign a release—granting you permission to utilize his/her direct quotation. A sample Testimonial Permission Form follows.

If you feel confident regarding the professionalism of your work, consider soliciting endorsements from prestigious authors, actors, and politicians. Their contact information may be uncovered via the Web or through personal contacts—of personal contacts. Be bold. Shoot for the stars! The worst possible outcome is a polite, “No.” Be patient. Over time, your sources are likely to emanate from journalists, reviewers, satisfied customers … and perhaps even the famous! Endorsements blossom into a truly impressive list. As you receive your incoming testimonials and endorsements, add them to your testimonial sheet. Replace one endorsement with another, if your testimonial sheet becomes unwieldy. Visit to obtain a Special Report, entitled “Blurbs for Your Books: Testimonials, Endorsements and Quotations.”