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Learn the Tricks of the Trade

By Shari Faden Donahue

To immerse yourself in the world of self-publishing, learn tricks of the trade, and share relevant and creative ideas with other publishers, consider membership to the following publishing associations:

Independant Book Publisher's Association
(IBPA; formerly PMA)
annual fee: $119
Phone: 310-372-2732
Small Publishers Association of North America (SPAN)
annual fee: $115
Phone: 719-475-1726
Small Publishers, Artists and Writers Network (SPAWN)
annual fee: $45
Phone: 818-886-4281

Upon joining each of the above associations, you will receive a monthly newsletter that is brimming with informative articles—as well as ads by industry professionals including: editors, graphic designers, public relations experts, fulfillment houses, Web hosts, printers, and publishing consultants. You are also certain to benefit from a host of member programs—including reduced-rate shipping, health insurance, car rental, cooperative marketing/advertising programs, and networking/exhibiting opportunities at popular publishing conferences.

Publishers Weekly is a popular industry source (circulation: 40,000) that features interviews with influential authors and publishing leaders—as well as articles highlighting industry changes and trends. Annual magazine subscription fee is $239.99. Both PMA and SPAN offer subscription discounts to members. A comprehensive listing of newly released children’s books is made available twice per year in the spring and fall Publishers Weekly Children’s Issues, available for $20 each. For subscription information, call Publishers Weekly at 800-278-2991 or visit Your local library is likely to have copies of Publishers Weekly for review as an alternative to paid subscription.

* As of this printing, PMA is undergoing a name change to Independent Book Publishers Association (IBPA).