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Send us your fully edited manuscript.

Does my manuscript require further editing?

Send us originals, 300 DPI scans, or electronic files of your illustrations.

What if I don’t have illustrations?

Send us a mock-up of your proposed children’s picture book—with indications for illustration placement—in addition to one or two samples of your favorite children’s picture books to emulate.

Please download and fill out the Self-Publish submission form and include with your submitted materials. Within four to six weeks, you will receive proofs of your cover and interior pages.

One round of changes is included in the price. For additional rounds of changes, you will be billed by half-hour increments at the rate of $37.50 per half-hour. Within approximately two weeks from the date you approve your final proof, you’ll receive 25 hardcover or softcover children’s picture books—officially registered and published under YOUR own self-publishing name.

If and when you run out of books, it’s easy to print more! We offer cost-effective print options ... from 25 to 5,000+ ... to serve your unique self-publishing needs.

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