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Wizard of Oz Syndrome

By Shari Faden Donahue

Powerful desktop technology and decreased production costs enable just about anyone to self-publish. I’ve coined the phrase, Wizard of Oz Syndrome, to depict the outsider’s view of publishing as an illusive, page-conjuring practice—harnessed exclusively by sheer word-materializing wizardry. Though publishing purists disdain the concept of self-publishing, there is a paradigm shift occurring within the publishing industry. Today, more and more aspiring children’s picture book authors are actively self-publishing without having pursued the traditional publishing path first.

A self-publisher is simply someone who pays the expenses to bring a book to print for distribution or sale. Self-publishing is a viable alternative to the traditional publishing route for the innovative and passionate. You are a self-publisher when you invest in your own printing.

As a self-published children’s picture book author, your opinion matters! Publishing giants cannot afford to focus their energies on one particular children’s picture book. You have the simple advantage—because you can!